Okay, so I don’t like having to write some ass-kissy self-congratulatory bio. But then, Bette Davis said “Never a trust a man who doesn’t blow his own horn, he may have a dead battery.” Of course, if men could blow their own horns, there’d be a lot less money spent for Valentine’s Day.

So…I’m a Canadian icon, legend and hero. I appreciate the appreciation. Unfortunately in Canada being well-known and loved goes against you in TV. Yes, Canadian media is that screwed-up.

I say what’s on my mind, and it’s usually what’s on your mind too. I had the longest running late night comedy show in Canadian history (Ed’s Night Party, later Ed & Red’s Night Party, 18 years) and changed the face of music TV at Muchmusic…until I left in 2007, at which point they changed it back.

Won a Canadian Comedy Award for Best TV Show for my TV series with Liana K, This Movie Sucks, against some stiff competition. Considering that series is the one I am least proud of (because the TV station didn’t deliver promised resources so the show looked like dogshit) I can only imagine what awards we could have won with the Night Party and Fromage if we’d bother entering them. As if that would make any difference. Awards in Canada mean next-to-nothing, can’t even get a good price for pawning them.

Currently doing a weekly show on EveryJoeDotcom and bi-weekly video column on HuffingtonPost.ca. Planning something bigger. Because somebody in Canadian media needs to be planning something bigger.



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