“Waa waa waa, I’m not invited to the leader’s debate, waa waa waa.”

Okay, Elizabeth May, cut the crap.

– your party does not have a seat in Parliament. Not one. You have not been able to convince enough people in a single riding to vote Green.

– at best, you may win a seat; in your dreams, maybe two. Two seats are not going to shape government policy.

– we get little enough time to hear the leaders of parties who have seats answer pointed questions from journalists; why would we want to dilute the time even further to include a party that has  no seats and no likelihood to influence public policy?

The outcry from the Greens reflects the annoying sense of entitlement too many of them have, that they are the moral elite and as such should be granted an audience. It’s the same irritating high-handedness you get from the pale, gaunt sales help at a vegan grocery store when you don’t know how to pronounce ‘quinoa’.  Y’ know what? Buzz off. Earn your place at the table like anyone else.

Now, can we stop wasting time with this distraction and deal with some real issues?

I’m Ed the Sock, and I’m nobody’s puppet — and your Fed-Up Party candidate for PM.


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